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A cold? Allergies? Either way… :(

Well Miss Sig has something – a cold perhaps, hopefully not allergies, but either way we’re in tough shape. She’s not sleeping so well. She’s not interested in doing much of anything but sitting with her blanket and watching Blue’s … Continue reading

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No. I know. Ok.

So I put Sig in the car – “ar” as Sig calls it – and tell her we’re going buh-bye now and she looks at me and says “I know.” Seriously, I know, right!?! She said it again to me … Continue reading

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May is flying by!

Holy cow – it’s May 15th! May is flying by here, we have been so busy with the extreme weather (the record cold and the record heat in a 2 week span), a big birthday party for our friend Jeremy, … Continue reading

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Happy May Day!

Happy May Day! 4 years ago today Patrick and I moved into our house. It seems like so much longer, yet it seems like it was just last year at the same time. Wow how time flies! This year the … Continue reading

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