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Sig and her spaceship!

In thinking about silly things Sig does all the time right now that I want to capture before she decides she’s done doing them, I thought of her playing with her beloved spaceship that Patrick and I bought her when … Continue reading

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Sig’s First Snow Day!

So last winter Sig was much too little to play in the snow and this year it’s either been too wet, too cold or she was not feeling up to it. Finally the day arrived that it was nice out, … Continue reading

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Sig and her purses

Hello! Sig loves purses! Well, purses and baskets. Anything she can put something in and sling over her arm is a new favorite thing 🙂   Unfortunately sometimes the purse that I’m using gets used as one of Sig’s purses … Continue reading

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Sig the puppy!?!

It seems that Sig has decided it’s a dog’s life and she wants to be a part of it in all ways possible. Most recently she has decided it’s more fun to eat off the a plate on the floor … Continue reading

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Superbowl Sunday!

The Superbowl was this past weekend and we had a great time at our friends Eric and Julie’s house.  We made football Jello – red for the 49ers, purple for the Ravens and gold because it’s the shared color!  It … Continue reading

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