Happy 2013!


Happy New Years from our house to yours!  I know it’s a little late but we’ve been busy around our house with construction on our master bathroom and as any of you who have done construction know, that takes over your WHOLE house.  It’s amazing how that works.

Sig is good – she walks all the time, well except when she is RUNNING! She runs. She sees the cats, she runs after them. She gets a REAL remote, she runs away with it. She picks something up and eats it and she knows she’s not supposed to, she looks at you til you look back then she runs.  We have to work to catch her to get a 3-second snuggle these days.


Sig keeps busy getting into things she isn’t supposed to and it’s getting harder to take pictures because she now sees the camera…


And goes for it!


But through all the getting into everything, hiding everything from us, and craziness around our house in general, Sig makes us laugh everyday. Even if it is just hamming it up for the camera after her bath this morning 🙂


Here’s to a great 2013 for all of us!


Nat n Sig



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