And we’re back

After much adieu we’re back!  No excuses but let’s catch up.

What is Sig up to these days? Well, she loves her walker and changing in flooring no longer stops her which means she has no qualms following Mom when she runs down stairs for a quick second. Ugh.  She laughs, she waves, she claps and we’re working on blowing kisses.  She would rather feed herself than have you feed her though she’s not big enough to eat a ton of people food at this point so we compromise to having puffs throughout every meal. She is no longer a snuggle bug – AT ALL.  Put me down, let me go – that’s her MO. So that’s what we do.  She has no teeth though we’ve been working on them for months and she is THISCLOSE to crawling.  Last night we got her to scoot forward about six inches on her tummy so maybe we’ll be able to show you that soon.

That’s about all that she does right now…will keep thinking of it for tomorrow. Have to run now though as she’s taking out the internet router as I type this. But here’s a pretty recent pic of Sig and Patrick.


Nat n Sig

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