Checked in…

Well we’re checked in and have the monitors all hooked up. No real progress so far. Keep watching this blog for the latest.

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  1. Amanda Maust Monaco says:

    We are SO EXCITED for your baby's arrival!!!!! Tell Baby that Aunt Amanda and Uncle Matthew say "Hurry up! No need to be fashionably late anymore!"

  2. pat says:

    I am hanging pastels ribbons–pink, yellow, and blue!!!! Yahoo!! I love you–I am thinking girl right now!!! But, be assured I have lots of ribbons, both pink and blue!!!! We are with you in thoughts and prayers!!! Mom

  3. keith says:

    I am hanging pastels ribbons–pink

    1/4/11 sounds like a great day to have a birthday! i do not know who seems to be the most anxious- parents,grandparents or the aunt and uncle to be. We continue to lift up the three of you as we "patiently" wait for the big news. DAD

  4. pat says:

    I am hanging pastels ribbons–pink
    It is 7:45pm here and no news–I am sure you are tired–we are getting concerned that things are going ok.

  5. Michelle Johnson says:

    We will wait patiently for this little one to make it's appearance. Hang in there you two we love you.

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